Together, we can solve the tuition crisis.
Tuition Fund Hires Professional
The Jewish Education Scholarship Fund, a scholarship endowment fund founded by Rabbi Moshe Lieblich of Crown Heights, has retained the services of a professional financial services fund. Mr. Jeffrey Frieder, a representative of HD Vest Investment Services, a financial services organization with over $38 billion under management, has been ...
Beis Iyar Event
Join us for a community-wide event to work together on solving the tuition crisis. Beis Iyar – May 10th at 8:30 PM at Oholei Torah in Crown Heights.
Yeshiva Aims to End Tuition Crisis​
From There are many Bochurim sitting at home after being denied from Yeshiva after Yeshiva due to their parent’s inability to cover tuition costs, and one Yeshiva wants to change that. In year’s past, people from all over the world would donate for scholarships at the Lubavitcher Yeshiva. Lubavitch now proudly has ...
How to Solve the Jewish Day School ‘Tuition Crisis’
by Rabbi Shmuel Marcus for the Algemeiner Everyone asks us, what can be done about the cost of a day school education? Week after week, the tuition crisis comes to our attention, front and center. Rabbis, couples and concerned members of the community call us, email us, and approach us after daveningregarding the financial pressures ...
Are There Really Solutions to the Tuition Crisis?
Originally posted by Harry Maryles on Emes Ve-Emunah One of the many problems plaguing the Orthodox Jewish community is the high cost of Jewish education. In an existential sense, I think it is the biggest problem of all. That is no secret here. It is a subject that is dealt with regularly.  One which seems to […]